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I DEW CARE’s Vitamin Glow Collection Features 6 New Products — Including A $25 Brightening Serum

The K-beauty brand I DEW CARE hits a sweet spot in skin care. While it's still making a name for itself — netting a little less than 50,000 followers on Instagram — I DEW CARE has managed to release products that capture the internet's attention; its shimmery Insta-famous Disco Kitten peel-off mask, for example, has garnered an impressive 700 reviews (and counting) on Ulta's website. All signs point to the new I DEW CARE Vitamin Glow collection being no different, too. Like those that came before it, the new skincare products are affordable, efficient, and primed for any #shelfie snapshots you have in mind.

And I DEW CARE's serum — appropriately titled Bright Side Up — retails for just $25. Besides the dose of brightening vitamin C, the lightweight, jelly-like serum also delivers a round of vitamin E, vitamin B5, and grapefruit extract. Even better, I DEW CARE notes on its Instagram page that the product is perfect for all skin types — even sensitive skin, which occasionally can be irritated by vitamin C serums.

Already own your go-to serum? You're bound to find something new for your skincare routine just by scrolling through the Vitamin Glow collection; like the Berry Melting makeup remover, a $23 tub of lavender "sherbet-like" cleanser that transforms from a balm into an oil. If you're not sure what you're looking for, though, keep on scrolling down — all six new I DEW CARE additions from the Vitamin Glow collection are below.

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