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The Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment Has a Transformative Jelly Formula

K-beauty brand Kaja recently added to its innovative collection of makeup products with the all-new Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment, which is packaged in a tube due to its unique formula. The product initially has a jelly formula that can be squeezed from the tube and worked onto the eyelids with a finger. In a moment, the virtually weightless eye pigment dries to a powder for long-lasting staying power and plenty of shimmer. 

The Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment by Kaja is available in several sparkling varieties that are packed with metallic-coated, light-reflecting glitter pearls. The innovative gel-to-powder eye product is offered in shades that range from Luminary and Dark Matter to high-impact crystal-inspired colors like Tiger's Eye and Rose Quartz.

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