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These Click-Pen Gloss Sticks Are My Most Reached-For Lip Product Right Now

I am a complete sucker for cute packaging, but fortunately, the adorable Heart Melter Lip Gloss Sticks ($17 each) are more than just pretty. The click-pens are everything I'm looking for during a busy workweek: easy to apply, forgiving if I mess up, highly pigmented, and super moisturizing. The pens have a slight shine and are totally easy to use, while giving me a perfect amount of color to make me look pulled together.

Considering I don't often have the time to line my lips and then carefully apply a liquid lip, these babies have become my number one product, and I'm hoarding them in every hue. I have one to throw in my purse, a few in my desk at work, and two that I leave at my boyfriend's. Plus, these heartbreaker glosses aren't the least bit sticky, so you can smooch away.

Check out the colors ahead and a selfie of me wearing the Hunny Bun shade.

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