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I'M MEME's Lip Smudge Brush helps blend out any lip product for an even and hygienic application without leaving any patches or wrinkles. Its round shape mimics your fingertips while the bristles are made with soft synthetic hair. Pair this with your favorite lipstick, tint or balm and carry it with you anytime, anywhere.

HOW TO USE: After applying your favorite lip product, use the brush to gently smudge the edges for soft and fuller-looking lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where was this product manufactured?
All I'm Meme products are proudly designed and made in South Korea with the highest quality manufacturers.

How do you use this product?
After applying your favorite lip product, use Lip Smudge Brush to gently smudge the edges for soft and fuller-looking lips.

What type of lip products can be used with this brush?
You can use lipsticks, lip tints, and lip balms with Lip Smudge Brush.

What are the bristles on this brush made of?
The bristles on Lip Smudge Brush are made of soft synthetic hairs.

What is the size of the brush?
The Lip Smudge Brush is 11.5cm in length.

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