I'M Tic Toc Tint Lip Velvet



I'M Tic Toc Lip Velvet is an ultra-lightweight, long-lasting formula that delivers rich, creamy color and superior comfort. The sponge tip and button-type lip tint helps control the amount used while preventing over-application as one click is sufficient to easily glide onto lips in one swipe.


  • 001 Dangerous Red
  • 002 Lively Orange
  • 003 Daring Red
  • 004 Clearly Coral
  • 005 Innocent Beige
  • 006 Femme Rose
  • 007 Classy Chili
  • 008 Seductive Burgundy

HOW TO USE: For first use, click pen repeatedly until product appears. Apply a sheer or bold look by evenly distributing color onto lips.

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