Color Pattern Palette + Mini Brush Kit


$41.40 $46

Take your Color Pattern Palette + Mini Brush Kit everywhere you go! Its portable and compact size makes traveling with makeup so much easier!

  • Color Pattern Palette is an all-in-one, mini-sized eyeshadow and blush palette. This mini palette was inspired by the size and design of a credit card making it compact and portable. The size is travel-friendly and includes 3 color variations of 7 daily colors to create a full makeup look. The smooth blending textures and intense payoff is something that can't be overlooked because of its miniature size! 
  • Mini Brush Kit is carefully composed of 4 brushes to cover all needs from eyes, nose and face makeup. The tin case that can be used to keep the brushes clean, or as a compartment for accessories and other small goods. Also comes with cute limited I'M MEME stickers that can be used to customize the tin case, or anything else!

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