Pro Touch Brush Set

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8 BRUSHES & POUCH: The PONY EFFECT Pro Touch Brush Set is composed of 8 brushes carefully planned out to cover all your needs, from eye, to nose and face makeup.

FACE BRUSHES: Powder & Cheek Brush: For applying powder and blush on the face. | Highlighter Brush: For highlighting specific areas of the face. | Contour Brush: For contouring specific areas of the face. | Finish Powder Brush: For setting your makeup with powder.

EYE BRUSHES: Define Blender Brush: For defining and blending your eye makeup. | Eye Smudge Brush: For smudging and smoothening out the eyeshadow. | Eyeshadow & Liner Brush: For applying eyeshadow to specific areas of the eyes or to apply eyeliner.

ONLY WITH THE SET: Big-sized Makeup Pouch: The brush set comes with a big-sized pink pouch with brush compartments, a zipperbag compartment, and still enough room to fit all the makeup products you need. | Dual Eyebrow Brush: The dual-sided brush with an eyebrow brush on one end and bristles on the other (only with the PONY EFFECT Pro Touch Brush Set, (not sold singularly).

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