Labs and Production

Our mission is to bring K-beauty to the world. Our teams collaborate closely with all of our labs and manufacturers to bring the latest in Korean innovation to all our products. Currently, we work with over 10 different formula providers and almost 100 packaging providers. Our labs produce 5.2 million products for Memebox each year, and that’s only the beginning!

Quality is at the core of Korean innovation, and we take great care to ensure the highest standard of quality in our manufacturing partners. All of our formulation labs are CGMP and ISO certified. We conduct an onsite 100-point audit process before onboarding any manufacturing partner to ensure the quality and safety standards of each facility, its workers, raw materials, and manufacturing processes, and we visit each partner at least once every six months after conducting their onboarding audit.

We care very much about you and your experience with our products. That all starts from our labs and production facilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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