Manufactured/Expiration dates can typically be found at the bottom of all products. American and European products usually stamp the expiration date with "EXP" whereas Asian products can stamp either or both the manufactured date and expiration date.

For Korean products, you may find one or both of the following words preceding the stamped date:

  • 제조 means "manufactured on" 
  • 까지 means "good until"

If there's a manufactured date, but no expiration date, no worries!  The expiration date is always whichever date is sooner between the shelf life before opening (time after the manufactured date) and shelf life after opening (time after you first open the product). See below chart for a general breakdown of these dates based on the product type!


If you still believe your product may be expired or if you have any other questions, email us ( and we'll be happy to further help you!

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