Sustainability and ethics is not optional for brands today.

Consumers demand transparency from brands and brands should recognize that it is also the correct thing to do. In 2020, MBX embarked on a long term mission to transition to a sustainable company through our brands and products. We see this as a marathon and that we had to start with simple steps before tackling the larger issues that are plaguing our entire supply chain.

The first step was to reflect on our internal office operations. The result: we no longer use single use consumables (cups, utensils, etc.), we purchase recycled products and have become vigilant with conserving energy. This was the catalyst for change and has resulted in other bigger initiatives that are now reflected in many of our products.

We have transitioned all secondary packaging and shipping cartons to FSC packaging, have performed code of conduct audits on OEM’s with key retail partners, obtained Peta certification for a couple brands, have begun reformulating all of our products with a goal to become fully vegan by 2022. In 2020, we also launched OTZI, which is a vegan skincare brand that also ships without secondary packaging. 

In 2021, you can continue to see these efforts develop including changes that focus on less waste and innovations that shift to biodegradability. In particular, by Q2, we will have launched our first ever biodegradable product, and will begin working with in taking our first steps with carbon neutral freight. 

When developing the primary packaging, we also consider using less materials and as equally important, implementing materials that are easy to recycle as a top priority. We are also actively exploring PCR, PIR, biobased and recycled plastic and metal-free pumps for our packaging to minimize the production and use of virgin plastic, which also help to reduce CO2 emission. 

While we are proud of the efforts that we’ve already implemented, there is still so much more that we can do and we will continue to listen to our consumers and work close with our partners to take on this global challenge together.

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