Enamel Lip Lacquer



PONY EFFECT's Enamel Lip Lacquer is a highly pigmented and non-sticky lip gloss with moisturizing effects. This formula is specially designed to moisturize and coat the lips with an enamel gloss, but leave a transfer-resistant finish. 

KEY INGREDIENTS: Infused with Botanical Oils (Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Avocado Oil) helps moisturize lips.


  • 001 Climax
  • 002 Inferno
  • 003 Giddy Up
  • 004 Kiss It Better
  • 005 Truth or Dare
  • 006 Paradox
  • Mini Enamel Lip Laquer Kit

HOW TO USE: Use doe-foot applicator to apply gloss to lips.

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