Welcome to the Careers of MBX! At the heart of our success is a team that embodies creativity, dedication, and a profound passion for K-beauty. We take pride in our work and are excited about the future we are building together. Our strength lies in our synergy – the belief that collaboration can lead us to achieve the extraordinary. As we maintain a lean yet robust team, we are always on the lookout for dynamic individuals who can contribute to our next 'founding moment.'
Our core values are the compass that guides our team dynamics and work ethic:
Core Values:
Care: Prioritizing the well-being of humanity.
Impact: Tackling the toughest challenges.
Innovation: Continually pushing the boundaries.
Experience: Crafting the unexpected.
Justice: Upholding integrity and advocating for what's right.
These values provide an overarching theme to our team's approach. To complement them, we adhere to specific operating principles that define our day-to-day actions:
Operating Principles:
Urgency: Acting now and making progress daily.
Problem-Solving: Understanding problems deeply to find effective solutions.
Value: Focusing on why our offerings matter to consumers.
Curiosity: Diving deep and going the extra mile.
Progress: Emphasizing continuous improvement and breaking down ambitious goals into actionable steps.
Data-Driven: Guiding our path with informed insights.
Authenticity: Staying true to our unique story and purpose.
Quality: Delivering our best without compromise.
Have Fun: Cultivating an environment where fun ideas lead to fun experiences.
Also, for specific job openings, please visit our recruiting pages for each of our offices:
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Shanghai, China
Taipei, Taiwan
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