I Dew Care

Founding Story
IDC, our trailblazing brand, was developed in California during a time when the skincare landscape in the US was still developing. Our goal was dual: to introduce advanced Korean skincare innovations to the US and then elevate them on the global stage. We identified a gap in the market for skincare that was both enjoyable and experiential. We believed that for a product to resonate broadly, it needed to be more than just effective; it had to be engaging.
In early 2017, we pitched this innovative concept to Ulta. This partnership led to the creation of IDC, which was officially launched in late June of the same year, available in all Ulta stores nationwide and on their online platform. Our product, Disco Kitten, quickly became a hit with Ulta's customers, thanks to its playful name and unique properties.
After IDC's successful introduction, we gained an intriguing insight: consumers were comparing us not just with other skincare brands, but with entertainment giants like Netflix. Social media was abuzz with comparisons like "Girls movie night or IDC masking night?" This was a pivotal realization. Our brand was not only about skincare but about creating an enjoyable experience. This inspired us to further hone our brand philosophy: to provide a skincare routine that is both fun and effective, a ritual to be enjoyed with friends and family. This approach became the essence of the IDC brand, encapsulated in our defining term: "skintertainment."
Social Media
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