I’m Meme


Founding Story

In 2015, we launched I’m Meme, a brand conceived from a distinct need identified on our Korean e-commerce platforms, showcasing over 4,500 domestic K-beauty and international brands. With four million beauty enthusiasts using our apps, we observed a gap between available products and customer preferences. I’m Meme was created not to compete with existing brands, but to directly address these customer needs.
Our strategy involved an in-depth analysis of purchase behaviors and market trends, focusing on factors like design, price, texture, color, and impactful keywords that drive traffic and conversions. This meticulous, data-centric approach enabled us to release a new product weekly, catering to the rapidly evolving demands of our customers.
I’m Meme, initially envisioned to bridge a market gap, has grown into a brand with a deeper ethos. Its name symbolizes our commitment to fostering self-awareness and expression in beauty. We view beauty as a personal exploration and aspire for I’m Meme to be an integral part of this journey, empowering individual expression.
As a digital-first brand, I’m Meme debuted exclusively on our dotcom. This marked our entry into synchronizing market needs and supply through a carefully crafted, data-driven approach.
Social Media
 TikTok 143.9K Followers, 2.4M Total Likes
 Instagram 220K Followers
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