Pony Effect


Founding Story

In 2015, we initiated a collaboration with a promising influencer who, at the time, had an impressive following of over 10 million across her early-stage YouTube and social media platforms. Recognizing her potential for significant influence, we opted for a cautious approach, starting with a limited collaborative product line instead of full-scale brand development. Our first venture, an eye palette, exceeded expectations, selling 25,000 units in just 40 minutes. The staggering success of this launch took both MBX and the influencer by surprise, confirming our decision to jointly develop a brand. This led to the creation of Pony Effect, a brand aimed at customers seeking transformative beauty solutions that allow them to stay true to themselves.
Social Media
 Instagram 225K Followers
 TikTok 16.2K Followers, 179M Total Likes
 Youtube 7.33K Followers
 Meta 10K Followers