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This tarot guide to spring beauty will add magick to your makeup routine

Master of the elements and of the Self, The Magician inspires bold steps forward in conjuring the life we want to live in the surroundings we want to be in. Existing as the center point between the Earthly and the Cosmic realms, she reaches deep into both to fuel her power to manifest greatness, always with an awareness that the tiniest act can have enormous consequences across space and time—for better or for worse. Call on The Magician for a major boost in altering reality. Responsibly, of course.

To cast a beauty spell fit for a magus, go for products that challenge visual perception. Think iridescent eyeshadow, color-changing nail polish, and holographic glitter everything. To complete the look, try a gravity-defying ‘do, sparkly caftan, and labradorite jewelry. And if you’re really feeling the part, grab your magic wand before you head out the door.

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