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PONY EFFECT's Airy Fit Dough Puff is an extension of our best-selling Dough Puff base makeup applicator that can be used for lightweight or full coverage makeup application. The new puff is Anti-Bacterial and designed with a tear drop shape for easy application in harder to reach areas, such as the nose. It can be used for applying, blending, and fixing liquid, balm, and powder formulas. Pair it with any product of your choosing!

HOW TO USE: Apply liquid, powder, or balm formulas with the Airy Fit Dough Puff. Continue to add layers to add coverage and increase adhesiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where was this product manufactured?
All Pony Effect products are proudly designed and made in South Korea with the highest quality manufacturers.

What types of makeup formulas can be used with this product?
Airy Fit Dough Puff can be used with liquid, powder, and balm formulas.

How do you use this product?
Use Airy Fit Dough Puff to apply liquid, powder, or balm formulas. Continue to add layers to add coverage and increase adhesiveness.

Why does this product have a teardrop shape?
Airy Fit Dough Puff has a teardrop shape in order to reach all areas of the face.

Is this product sanitary to use for makeup application?
Yes, Airy Fit Dough Puff is designed to be Anti-bacterial.

Recycling Instructions

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1. Take off the product from the vinyl
2. Drop the vinyl into trash bin.

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